Client Testimonials

I love hearing how TRE® helps my clients feel calm and relaxed! 💓

"TRE is very freeing. Dorothea is kind and compassionate so everyone feels protected and taken care of. I keep coming back because I feel a lot of joy at the end. It's a great feeling. I'm becoming a TRE addict!"

Kristin Cooper

“Last evening, I attended my 3rd TRE class with Dorothea. Simply wonderful! Her teaching style is clear and I love her calm approach. The benefits of TRE are totally unbelievable. There is a calming of my mind. Anxiety lessens, and sometimes totally diminishes. And the continuing of practice seems to create a cumulative effect. You’ve got to try it to believe it!”

Linda, Las Vegas

“Dorothea was a fantastic TRE guide. She made the experience fun in a way that made me feel safe and at ease.”

Hilary, Paonia CO

“I was just thinking about how much different I feel since my sister and I started doing TRE® classes with Dorothea. I am so very grateful that we found her. I hope she knows how amazing she is!”

June J., Las Vegas
"It seems like it's created a sense of equanimity in my all-around life... I'm able to express myself better in the world and I'm very grateful. "

Linda Drucker

“TRE with Dorothea was a calming, almost yoga-like experience without the need to contort yourself into a pretzel.”

Leilani, Las Vegas NV

“TRE is a simple and easy activity to help release stress, anxiety and trauma. The session with Dorothea gave me a tremendous sense of calm.”

Matthew, Denver CO

“TRE with Dorothea is a great way to physically release emotional tension and trauma that you don’t realize you’re carrying around. It feels relaxing and was an opportunity to go totally into my body and get out of my head.”

Annette, Hudson NY
"The way that Dorothea presented the workshop was so easy... seamless... I cannot recommend checking her out any more highly. Do yourself a favor."

Traci Cheatham

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