Dorothea Deley

How would your life change if you felt more relaxed and resilient?

I teach a playful approach to tame trauma and build resilience.

You’ll learn how…

  • Your neurobiology (nervous and limbic systems) affects your mood, thoughts, body and behavior.
  • What you feel in the present is connected to what happened in the past.
  • Calming yourself down when triggered helps you be kinder to yourself and others.

After working with me, clients say they:

  • feel more relaxed, calm, joyful, hopeful and connected
  • understand their behavior and why they do what they do
  • know how to calm themselves when triggered by people or situations

That means less stress, more kindness for everyone!

Your Roadmap to Less Stress, More Kindness

Brain + Body

Brain + Body

Stress and trauma affect your body and brain, getting stuck there if not released. Healing happens when we work with your nervous system, the superhighway between both. 

Past = Present

Past = Present

When you’re triggered, you stop thinking and start reacting, replaying coping strategies from childhood. Healing happens when we teach you how to return to the present moment and soothe yourself in healthy ways.

Relaxed & Resilient

Relaxed & Resilient

Life is stressful, and you probably default to a self-sabotaging feedback loop to cope, which only creates more stress. Healing happens when we give you the love, attention and tools you need to grow resilience.

Take the next step to feeling better physically and emotionally…

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