Workshop — Calm the “F” Down

Regulate Your Nervous System for Less Stress, More Kindness!

Life is stressful! Life is even more stressful when you react with survival strategies from your childhood — Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn.

Find out which of these “F’s” you default to, and what to do about it!

In this playful, resilience-building workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Break free from your stress response (your default “F”)
  • Understand your present behavior in the context of past experience
  • Let go of tension and stress from your body and mind with TRE® Somatic Release
  • Reconnect with your joy
  • Self-regulate with self-compassion
  • Counter stress with kindness 

This workshop is for you if you are …

  • Overwhelmed with day-to-day stress
  • Disconnected from your joy and creativity
  • Stuck in a feedback loop of anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Suffering from physical tension and/or chronic pain
  • Exhausted and burned out
  • Disassociated from your body and stuck in your head
  • Struggling with relationship conflicts at home and work
  • Frustrated by your behavior and confused about why you do what you do

Experience less stress and more kindness when you Calm the “F” Down!

"The way that Dorothea presented the workshop was so easy... seamless... I cannot recommend checking her out any more highly. Do yourself a favor."

Traci Cheatham

LOCATION: Obsidian Yoga
6430 Sky Pointe Dr. #160
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Important Notes:
During the workshop, we will do gentle TRE® exercises to release tension, stress and trauma. To make the most of this experience:

  • wear comfortable clothes you can move in
  • use our yoga mats & blankets, or bring your own
  • bring water 

Workshop led by Dorothea Deley, Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) certified provider, and Applied Improvisation facilitator.

TRE® has not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. TRE® providers are not intending to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner. Results may vary between individuals. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied.

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