Online TRE® Classes

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Zoom window of Dorothea and her online class

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is a series of playful exercises that manually turn on your body’s innate shaking mechanism. This “neurogenic tremoring” arises from the nervous system and offers relief from daily stress, chronic pain, anxiety, and trauma. TRE® is like giving yourself a massage from the inside out. Afterward you’ll feel less reactive and more relaxed!

You can also book a private online TRE® session with Dorothea.


Notes for Online TRE® Classes

  • wear light-colored workout clothing if possible
  • use your laptop for Zoom — do NOT use your phone
  • find a place with adequate wall & floor space
    • wall space (or closed door) to lean your back on while standing
    • floor space for your full body to lie down
  • use a yoga mat (if you have one) 
  • have 1 or 2 blankets nearby
  • keep water nearby

Tips for best online class experience:

  • dark yoga pants make it hard for me to see your tremors onscreen, so wear lighter colors if possible
  • plan for camera angle so I can see your full body standing at the wall
  • plan for camera angle so I can see your face & feet (w/knees bent) lying on the floor 
  • we’ll start seated on the floor, so plan for that camera angle too
  • we’ll adjust the camera angle as we go

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