Dorothea’s Book for Pet Parents

"Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog" cover image

When my husband and I adopted our first dog Kali, we finally felt like a family! For 15 wonderful years we shared many adventures together: Camping. Fetching! Hiking. Fetching! Snuggling. Fetching! And then, Kali got sick. We wanted to make the most loving choice possible for her — but we had questions, and having just moved to a new town,  nowhere to turn. After Kali’s euthanasia I asked, “What did we do right? What do we wish we had known?” When I started writing Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog, I interviewed other Dog Parents too, including several vets. What emerged are the 10 questions within the guidebook. My hope is that it offers you solace through this difficult decision, like a good friend holding your hand.

Kali Makes Three

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