Am I Cool Yet, Strolling Scones?

Musicians Rick Stockton and Helen Highwater
[photo by Devon Meyers]

CONFESSION: For several years now I have secretly hoped that Rick Stockton and Helen Highwater’s awesomeness would somehow rub off on me.

This attractive pair formed The Strolling Scones band for a 60′s-themed New Year’s Eve gig a few years back. Somehow the theme stuck, and they found themselves touring the Southwest decked out in miniskirts and go-go boots, sideburns and bell-bottoms, opening for the likes of Joe Cocker.

Over the years they’ve lost the outfits but kept the retro rock sound. Rick plays guitar and Helen the bass, and they both sing. Their voices blend beautifully, and I love their harmonies.

Did I mention they’ve been playing together since the invention of Spandex? Man oh man, are they tight! Continue reading