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Show Got You Fired Up?

Take action by sending me your story above, and donating or volunteering with one of these organizations:

Reproductive Health/Bodily Autonomy

Domestic Violence

  • search for a local shelter in your community
  • Vegas shelters/organizations:

Sexual Assault/Abuse/Incest

Girls & Women’s Equality

Girls’ Confidence Building

Men & Boys Emotional Resilience

Your Own Emotional Resilience

Sex Ed & Contraception for Teens

Show Credits and Gratitudes

My Decade of D!CKS was developed in “Make A Show with Shannan,” a workshop designed and led by SHANNAN CALCUTT (Spiegelworld, Cirque du Soleil) at the Celebration Barn in Maine. Tremendous gratitude to Shannan for giving the show an arc and teasing out the story my heart wanted to tell.

Thanks also to Celebration Barn Executive Artistic Director DAVID BRUIN, and my Barn cohort: KRISTIN COOPER, FRED DAISY, TIFFANY ELLE, ROB LAMONT and DEB RICH.

This show wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my writing group: TRINA COLON, KRISTIN COOPER, CHARMIN DAHL, and CLAIRE MAYNE. Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing, for sitting in the front row of the show’s debut, and for punching up the script—the best jokes are yours!

Many thanks to CLAIRE MAYNE, RUBEN PERMEL and KRISTINE VICTORINO for the promo photos. You captured the vibe.

Hugs to the show’s FIRST 2 AUDIENCES at Mom’s Basement Theatre—what a delight to workshop the material with you! Extra big hugs to those who testified on camera for D!CKS.

Much appreciation to GILLEN BREY, ERNEST MEDINA, and the LAS VEGAS LITTLE THEATRE. Congrats on your 15th Vegas Fringe Festival!

Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law, MARILYN COLTER, for raising a kind and sensitive son.

And finally, eternal gratitude to my husband MIKE MAXWELL. It’s called “a love story” because of you.

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