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MY DECADE OF D!CKS was developed in “Make A Show with Shannan,” a workshop designed and led by Shannan Calcutt (Zumanity, Atomic Saloon Show) at the Celebration Barn Theater in Maine.

Show Credits and Gratitudes

Huge gratitude to Shannan Calcutt, Celebration Barn Theater’s Executive Artistic Director David Bruin, and Dorothea’s 2023 summer Barn cohort.

Thanks also to her writing group — Charmin Dahl, Claire Mayne (& Don!), Kristin Cooper & Trina Colon — for their ongoing encouragement and feedback.

Much appreciation to Neil Corso & Mom’s Basement Theatre for giving us a place to put on the show!

Eternal love and appreciation to Dorothea’s husband, Mike, for his support, tech wizardry, and for not being a dick.

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