Beware These Books

I am so grateful to my local library for warning me which books to avoid!

Before those handy little cross stickers, I would sometimes check out a book, get it home, open it up and read such disturbing passages as:

“After hearing all that Douglass had to say about Jesus Christ, Reese confessed Him as her Savior . … Reese was remarkably humble and thirsty for knowledge of the Scriptures.”

Or worse yet:

“Hanna had been a recluse for many years, never leaving the house. She had been molested as a young woman and had been unable to recover. But Clint Longstreet had appeared from nowhere, it seemed, and had won Hannah’s love, and now the two were happily married.”

Because everyone knows when a good Christian man whips out his “long street,” you’re sure to forget all about those painful molestation memories!

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