The Day Dad Retired His Boogie Board

Ever since I was a little girl, my family would take an annual vacation to the California coast where relatives owned a beach house. One of my favorite all-time memories happened during one of those trips, not long after Mike and I got together. We were out in the ocean boogie boarding. I was riding … Read More

Goodbye Home, Hello Home

I dreamt of the White Buffalo on the side of Mt. Lamborn years before moving to Paonia. Coincidence? Or GODcident?!?

What does it mean to leave the place you’ve lived longer than anywhere else?

It means you’re leaving HOME.

But . . .

What does it mean to move back to the place where your parents and sister live, where you went to high school?

It means you’re returning HOME.

I’m a Brat (Military, That Is)

My father served in the Army for two decades. We moved every few years, from Pueblo, Colorado => Augusta, Georgia => a Marshall Island in the Pacific => Glendale, Arizona => Salt Lake City => Baumholder and Fulda in Germany => Manhattan, Kansas => Las Vegas.

As an adult, I couldn’t shake the moving bug. I attended college in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and then moved to Boulder to Denver and back to Boulder again where I met Mike. We moved to Denver together, and then San Luis Obispo and Santa Margarita in California. Then off we went to Cerro, New Mexico, and most recently to Paonia, where we’ve lived for the past eight years.

I have never lived anywhere for eight years! So of course Paonia feels like home. I was born in Pueblo, and always had an affinity for Colorado. When Mike and I left New Mexico and came back to Colorado, it truly felt like coming home. I thought I’d be here forever . . . .

But life is funny.

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