Welcome to my blog!

I always wanted to say “Welcome to my blog.”  It’s so generic, you know?

And I want to immediately assure you there will be nothing generic about the THEAlogy Blog!

Look for fun posts in exciting categories such as:

  • Religion Rap
    • Witty commentary on religion in the news (no shortage of fun there!)
  • Stories from the Road
    • Updates, photos and revelations from our tour
  • Guest Commentary
    • Characters from the show have so much more to say, like Mrs F who has been dying to teach another Sex Ed class!
  • CPR Sermons
    • Wisdom from the pastor of the Church of Personal Responsibility
  • Party Time!
    • Religious-themed food and cocktails like the “Rusty Nail” for your next soirée
  • Songs & Videos
    • More religiously inspired comedy songs and videos because my brain keeps manufacturing them and I desperately need a place to put them
  •  Missionary Mutts
    • Follow two Canine Evangelists as they convert people to the Church of Dog
  • Book & Film Reviews
    • Reviews of films and books I’m reading, like “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion”
  • View from the Pew
    • Sometimes I attend a church, just to keep my finger on the pulse of the Religious Right in America. Plus it’s a fantastic way to gather new comedy material!

Thanks for joining Mike and me on this next phase of our journey. Hey, I should change the subtitle of my show: From Believer to Blasphemer to BLOGGER! 😉

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