Hairstyles of the Sick and Heinous

I love walking my dogs through urban parks — gives me a great excuse to eavesdrop. Here’s a little exchange I overheard the other day at the tennis courts . . . .

A group of young women wearing matching skorts practice their tennis serves. A young man enters the courts, wearing a baseball cap. Seeing him arrive, one of the women yells across the courts at him:

GIRL:            How come you’re late?

GUY:            Got my hair cut. [removes hat revealing shaved head]

GIRL:           [covers mouth] Oh! Does your fiancé like it?

GUY:            I don’t know. She didn’t say anything.

GIRL:            That’s usually a bad sign.

GUY:            [rubs bald head] You don’t like it?

GIRL:           Me? No! Shaved heads are weird. They remind me of pedophiles.


Ha ha! Everyone knows pedophiles are mullet-sporting atheists!

Oh, wait a minute… turns out we’re BOTH wrong.

Pastor Steven Welty, sentenced to 26 years for child rape.
Youth pastor Joshua Amoroso pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.
Rev. Carlton Hammonds, convicted of lewd acts on a child and molesting a child.

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