Am I Cool Yet, Strolling Scones?

Musicians Rick Stockton and Helen Highwater
[photo by Devon Meyers]
CONFESSION: For several years now I have secretly hoped that Rick Stockton and Helen Highwater’s awesomeness would somehow rub off on me.

This attractive pair formed The Strolling Scones band for a 60′s-themed New Year’s Eve gig a few years back. Somehow the theme stuck, and they found themselves touring the Southwest decked out in miniskirts and go-go boots, sideburns and bell-bottoms, opening for the likes of Joe Cocker.

Over the years they’ve lost the outfits but kept the retro rock sound. Rick plays guitar and Helen the bass, and they both sing. Their voices blend beautifully, and I love their harmonies.

Did I mention they’ve been playing together since the invention of Spandex? Man oh man, are they tight!

I admire Helen’s stage presence — her sultry voice, her cool control of her instrument— all while looking beautiful.

But before you write me off as some gushing fan, know that I am forever pissed at Rick Stockton. He tricked me into liking the banjo! I hate the banjo. But he plays it like Hendrix played guitar. WHY MUST YOU MAKE THE BANJO SOUND SO COOL, MR. STOCKTON?!?

Put on your fancy pants and dance!

Rick and Helen can make an audience of strangers feel like old friends in a matter of minutes.

Before you know it you’re up on the dance floor, shaking your bootie with a ridiculous grin on your face, surrounded by people you may or may not know who are in that moment your absolute BFF because THE MUSIC IS SO DAMN GOOD.

Even cooler than how they look and sound is how kind and generous Rick and Helen are. Case in point: They created our little town’s largest event — the Mountain Harvest Festival — which draws people from all over Colorado to enjoy our music, entertainment, wine, food, and arts. They voluntarily co-ran the festival for a decade, giving local musicians and performing artists like myself a chance to showcase our talent to a wider audience.

Rick and Helen somehow make you believe in yourself when you feel like giving up. They are there at your show with a smile, and there weeks later when you’re drowning in self-doubt and need a hug.

With our friend and fellow musician Ellen Stapenhorst, they wrote and recorded the final song of my show, “Love is Here.” It’s the most important moment in my play, and I gladly entrusted it to them. The song turned out better than I ever imagined! Audio coming soon…

Awesomeness Achieved?

So, is it working? Am I getting cooler the longer I hang out with these two? You be the judge . . . .

PRE-Strolling Scones

POST-Strolling Scones


Rick and Helen’s music makes me feel happy, uplifted, and best of all . . . young again! I can try and describe their sound to you — or you can just listen for yourself. (Look for cameo appearances by my partner, Mike, and me as the TV reporters!)

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